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The Effects of the Market Revolution oin American Society - The Market Revolution transformed various aspects of American society because of the development of new inventions, ideologies, and lifestyles. From 1790 to 1840, the improvement of national transportation methods, the commercialization of the American
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Evident are the effects realised by market revolution to the whole of America. There was opening up of farmlands and strengthening of political powers (Melvyn Stokes, 1996). There was transformation of many lives as no individual wanted to remain dormant in his/her home. Market revolution opened up many opportunities
The 8–9 Essay. • Contains a clear, well-developed thesis that analyzes the impact of the market revolution (1815–. 1860) on the economies of TWO regions. • Develops the thesis with substantial ... American system of manufacturing: low-cost, standardized mass production, built around interchangeable parts (Eli Whitney)
Acceptable thesis statements must explicitly make a historically defensible evaluative claim regarding the extent to which the market revolution marked a turning point in women's lives. • “Although women continue to be labeled as economic, social, and political inferiors from before 1800 to after 1850, the market revolution
The Market Revolution Essay. 813 Words | 4 Pages. I believe that one the most major innovation that also brought change in the market revolution was the Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin in 1793 because America lacked cotton most of 1700s, regardless of the fact that they had ability to construct textile factories and
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So what's the big deal about the Market Revolution, anyway? Kim describes how it changed the nature of ...
Sure, "market revolution" is a fitting label for the economic transformation that occurred in America during the first half of the 19th century: it acknowledges that radical changes occurred and that the key to these changes lay within the character and size of the market. But the term's also useful for what it acknowledges by

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